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Give me my coffee!

My morning routine usually consists of brewing a cup of coffee from home each day before I head out to work. Trying to not watch my money dissolve from daily trips to Starbucks.

This poor racoon...I feel your pain.

So instead I make coffee using my lovely Keurig® that I obtained from a friend of mine who no longer desired owning one, but not for the reasons that I am about to share with you. I'll get to my main point of this post.

When I venture over to my kitchen and grab my 20oz Venti Heat Transfer Stainless Steel Portable Water Bottle from Room Essentials™️ and place it under my Keurig...


What's this?! My bottle is too big to fit under the spout.

Bitterly, I go to grab a coffee mug and resume with brewing my morning coffee. Once the Keurig® is done making my coffee, I transport my mug over to my kitchen sink and meticulously attempt to transfer the coffee to my water bottle.

And...manage to spill half the cup onto the kitchen counter.


Some people have gotten crafty with fixing this problem:

But after many a mornings with the attempt and fail of making coffee in my water bottle, I've decided that enough is enough. Someone has to do something about this.

The problem: Keurig® coffee drinkers need a way to make coffee for taller containers because they only allow mugs and small containers to fit under the spout.

So I'm proposing a solution.

Currently, Keurig® machines have 3 settings of pouring options available: 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. And now with the 2.0 version, you can acquire Keurig Green Mountain's K-Mug pods to brew up anywhere from 12 - 16 oz of coffee for travel mugs. So any Keurig® coffee maker, or at least the 2.0 version, is able to make coffee for 16 oz travel mugs. The problem with this is for anyone who owns and uses a travel mug that carries anything more than 16oz of fluids. Take a look at travel containers that are trending today:

What I propose we do to fix this issue: We make the Keurig® spout expandable.

Hypothesis: By creating a taller Keurig® with an expandable and adjustable spout, we will now be able to make coffee for larger travel containers while adjusting for smaller sizes and measure it's effectiveness through sales of this new Keurig®.

Adding a few more centimeters to this machine's height will allow taller containers to fit snuggly within the confines of the Keurig®. Adding on the additional feature of an adjustable spout will allow use of smaller mugs so as to not allow the pour to splatter.

If I had the time and resources necessary to create such a machine, I would! And I would be one to invest in this product as well.

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