Portfolio of Work



Website Redesign

As a former member of BCM at Virginia Tech, I helped to update their website by creating a new design. The old site was out-dated and was not continually updated. So I took on the task of becoming the webmaster for the sight and scrapping the old design and creating an entirely new template that would make students want to visit it time after time. It is more up-to-date on information and has a friendlier user-interface that makes finding information easier for students.


User Experience Study

User Experience Design Circuit 6-week course project. Find a problem in the process of making travel plans and find one way in which to improve the travel planning experience.


A study on developing eCommerce websites

This was a project of mine that I created for my Independent Study at Virginia Tech. Creating this site allowed me to learn the necessary skills to create an E-commerce site of which I chose to make one for a fictitious bake-shop called “Sweet Treats”. This site would allow a customer the ability to view a list of baked goods in the store, create an account, and purchase items. This site was inspired by my love for baking and my desire to learn how to develop websites. This website does not actually sell any products, it is only for viewing and research purposes.

username: hosting.treats
password: sweettreats